21 May 2024
The Fifth Cord (1971)
89 min.
Directed by Luigi Bazzoni.
With Franco Nero, Rossella Falk, Silvia Monti, Wolfgang Preiss, Ira von Fürstenberg, Edmund Purdom, Renato Romano, Guido Alberti, Pamela Tiffin, Maurizio Bonuglia.
A stylish, substantial giallo full of mood.

Fatally flawed, reporter (& alcoholic) Andrea Bild (Nero) is among the suspects in a series of frightening murders centering on his inner circle of friends, co-workers and ex-lovers.

Mysteriously, a glove is found alongside each murdered body, with one of the fingers symbolically lopped off for each crime committed. Who could the killer be, and what does he (or she) want?

A superb chase scene with the killer and a small child through the claustrophobic tunnels of a large house ranks among the highlights.

A beautifully crafted, nuanced Italian crime thriller that moves along at a nice clip. Handsome Nero is always a pleasure to watch, and this is no exception.

Boasts another excellent score from composer Morricone.

Also known as Evil Fingers.

Italian title: Giornata nera per l'ariete.

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