18 June 2024
Fear No Evil (1969)
90 min.
Directed by Paul Wendkos.
With Louis Jourdan, Carroll O'Connor, Bradford Dillman, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Lynda Day (George), Marsha Hunt.
Watchable TV horror deals with a secret devil worshipping coven.

After Paul (Dillman) dies in a mysterious car accident, his fiance Barbara (Day) begins to see his image in a recently-acquired antique mirror.

When her nightly meetings with her dead lover (via his reflection) begin to take on a dangerous vibe, psychiatrist friend Dr. Sorel (Jourdan) worries for Barbara's safety and begins an investigation.

But what he'll uncover may force him to liberate his own mind regarding his thoughts on the spiritual otherworld.

This early teleterror is well acted, especially from a fresh faced young Day (she hadn't yet married Christopher George) and Jourdan is good as Sorel.

A bit talky at times, nevertheless this knows when to reel it in when necessary and manages to be decent late nite viewing.

Intended as a pilot for a series called Bedevilled which never got off the ground.

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