18 June 2024
Fangs of the Living Dead (1968)
88 min.
Directed by Amando de Ossorio.
With Anita Ekberg, Gianni Medici, Julian Ugarte, Diana Lorys, Rosanna Yanni, Carlos Casaravilla, César Benet.
Genre director Amando de Ossorio's first horror outing was this (unintentionally) hilarious Spanish vampire schtick also known as Malenka.

Sylvia (Ekberg) is a shallow fashion model who discovers she's part of an aristocratic family line and has inherited an ancient castle and the title of Countess.

She travels to the country to get her goods and meets her mysterious uncle Walbrooke (Ugarte) and a posse of scantily clad, fang-baring bimbos who hang about the grounds.

Seems Sylvia is the descendant of Malenka, a witch who dabbled in the black arts and learned the secret to immortality: vampirism. Now her uncle wants Sylvia to claim her rightful spot in the family by taking Malenka's place as head of the undead!

This gothic drive-in fare plays it straight but also seems some kind of half-hearted answer to Polanski's 1967 spoof Fearless Vampire Killers.

Not good necessarily, but it is fun and worth seeing simply for Ekberg's over-the-top, scenery-chewing performance.

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