21 June 2024
Eyeball (1974)
86 min.
Directed by Umberto Lenzi.
With John Richardson, Martine Brochard, Inez Pellegrin, Silvia Solare, Georges Riguad, Auretta Gay.
Completely enjoyable giallo from Umberto Lenzi.

A psychotic in a red rain slicker is terrorizing a group of tourists from Vermont on vacation in Barcelona.

Is the maniac a local or one of the tourists?

Does the fact that the killer mercilessly extracts an eyeball (yee-owwch!) from his downed victims have some sort of symbolic significance?

Will the lesbian couple make it out alive? Who cares?

It's all fun and games in this downright outrageous horror bolstered by one of the most overwrought ending revelations out there.

An excellent score from composer Bruno Nicolai highlights the bizarro plot, the whole endeavor is executed by a watchable cast and spiked with some solid death sequences.

Also known as Wide-Eyed in the Dark.

Italian title: Gatto Rossi in un Labirinto.

Worth seeking out.

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