21 May 2024
Exorcismo (1975)
90 min.
Directed by Juan Bosch.
With Paul Naschy, Maria Perschy, María Kosti, Grace Mills, Jorge Torras, Luis Induni, Roger Leveder, Juan Llaneras, Marta Avilés.
Slow moving Spanish imitation of The Exorcist.

A young woman begins exhibiting moody behavior, a disrespect for authority that soon erupts with the simultaneous death of a family member and her own fiance.

Fearing the girl is possessed by the devil (nah, it's just the spirit of her disgruntled dead father), the local priest (Naschy) is brought in to rid the frothing girl of her demons.

Generally entertaining (if too subtly paced), this picks up some steam towards the last half hour and culminates with the girl's obligatory showdown with the cloth. Good possession makeup during the finale.

Also known simply as Exorcism.

Recommended either for diehard Naschy fans or devil/possession completists.

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