18 June 2024
Evils of the Night (1983)
85 min.
Directed by Mardi Rustam.
With John Carradine, Tina Louise, Julie Newmar, Neville Brand, Karrie Emerson, Aldo Ray, Bridget Holloman, David Hawk, G.T. Taylor, Keith Fisher, Amber Lynn.
Outrageously bad science fiction-horror hybrid.

This T&A extravaganza is about three extra-terrestrial beings (Newmar, Louise & Carradine!) who use Brand and Ray to capture sex-starved young people so they can take their blood to stay alive.

Or something like that.

The titillation of seeing the couples undressed and engaging in copulation can't distract from the lousy acting and lack of a coherent script.

An awful misfire...and considering this, Tina Louise is 'embarrassed' of her work on Gilligan's Island?!

Newmar (Catwoman from TV's 1960s Batman) at least seems more game.

Producer Rustam (who's also responsible for the well done Psychic Killer from 1975) turns director here, but with ineffectual results.

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