21 July 2024
The Evil of Frankenstein (1964)
86 min.
Directed by Freddie Francis.
With Peter Cushing, Peter Woodthrope, Duncan Lamont, Sandor Eles, Katy Wild, Kiwi Kingston.
Okay third entry in Hammer's resuscitated Frankenstein franchise.

Picking up from 1958's The Revenge of Frankenstein, Baron Frankenstein (Cushing) returns to his hometown villa of Karlstadt only to discover his stitched-together creation perfectly preserved in a block of ice!

Driven by a manic thirst for scientific apotheosis, Frank thaws the Monster out, reanimates his brain, and voila!

The creature begins wreaking havoc again...this time aided by an evil hypnotist.

Not as memorable as either of its predecessors, or as creative as the following entry in the series (1965's Frankenstein Created Woman), but fun nonetheless.

We can take or leave the Karloff-style makeup for this outing, but by now Cushing had settled most comfortably into the role of the hubristic Frankenstein and proves he still delivers the goods.

And check out that great scene with the Monster terrorizing the local Burgomeister and his wife!

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