21 July 2024
The Entity (1982)
125 min.
Directed by Sidney J. Furie.
With Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver, Jacqueline Brookes, David Labiosa, George Coe, Alex Rocco, Margaret Blye, Natasha Ryan.
A truly bizarre, sometimes shocking horror film.

Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) is not your average woman. The California mother of three believes an unseen ghost - an entity of some sort - has entered her home, raped and beat her.

Not only that, but the evil force(s) are repeat offenders, returning to terrorize Carla again and again. Her friends think she's gone insane.

She visits a professional, Dr. Sneiderman (Ron Silver), who believes Carla's experiences are merely in her head. He even gives Carla's condition a name: erotophobia, a fear of sex. But this isn't some bad wet dream Carla has had; this monster is real!

A highly skilled group of paranormal psychologists decide to support Carla. They believe she's being tormented by an "Entity," something which has crossed over from a different plane of existence to our own.

They feel it's something preternaturally powerful and supernaturally charged. But can they stop it? Can they save Carla?

Based on the real life story of Doris Bither, and the novel by Frank De Felitta of the same name, The Entity is a gripping, well acted horror film with good direction by Sidney J. Furie and an excellent performance by Hershey.

Considering its implausible premise, and the unseen nature of the force that assaults Carla, the fact that The Entity is bolstered by several superb performances and a dynamite climax is a testament to how well made the endeavor is.

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