21 May 2024
Empire of the Ants (1977)
90 min.
Directed by Bert I. Gordon.
With Joan Collins, Robert Landson, John David Carson, Albert Salmi, Jacqueline Scott, Pamela Susan Shoop, Robert Pine, Edward Power, Brooke Palance.
Implausible, outrageously over the top and...delightfully delicious!

Director Gordon (of such '50s science fiction fare as Attack of the Puppet People and Earth vs. the Spider, both 1958) gives us this late '70s grab bag.

Based on a story by H.G. Wells, this one has super shady real estate agent Collins inviting a group of prospective real estate customers to a remote island for a private party and tour of the new exclusive land lots available for purchase.

Unfortunately it turns out some radioactive gunk has been dropped in the water off the coast. And it's irradiated the local ants, causing them to grow to gargantuan proportions...and to become very pissed off!

A goofy atmosphere pervades Empire of the Ants, along with a few genuinely heartfelt FX...

Certainly this deserves a place in the pantheon of nature gone awry horrors occupied by Food of the Gods (1976) and Day of the Animals (1977).

Either that...or you're here just for Joan Collins! C'mon, admit it!

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