19 April 2024
Dolls (1987)
77 min.
Directed by Stuart Gordon.
With Carrie Lorraine, Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdey-Gordon, Guy Rolfe, Hilary Mason, Stephen Lee.
Director Gordon's follow-up to Re-Animator (1985) was this supremely silly little horror movie about killer dolls.

On a dark and stormy night, six people find themselves stranded by the elements, and wind up spending the night at the house of Gabriel and Hillary Hardwicke (Rolfe, Mason), an eccentric old couple.

But the wayward travellers are in for more than they bargained.

One by one, they begin to be killed off in various grisly ways by the couple's doll collection. Seems the diminutive little creations are actually humans who the Hardwickes have 'miniaturized' and keep on hand as instruments to carry out their evil plans.

Typical 1987 here. Most of the wisecracking characters are simply too cartoonish & overblown, and subsequently it's hard to care about these caricatures.

On the theme of dolls, however, have we said enough times that there's this little TV movie called Trilogy of Terror (1975)...?

This was produced by Charles Band, who would go on to produce the similarly-themed Puppet Master in 1989, as well as countless horrors over last two decades. None of which could hope to match the artistic brilliance of Dolls.

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