18 June 2024
Doctor Jekyll and the Werewolf (1972)
84 min.
Directed by León Klimovsky.
With Paul Naschy, Shirley Corrigan, Jack Taylor, Mirta Miller, José Marco, Luis Induni, Bernabe Barta Barri.
This silly but spirited Spanish horror is Naschy's fifth wolfman entry in the Daninsky series.

Still tormented by the curse of lycanthropy, Waldemar (Naschy) travels to swinging seventies London where he meets scientist Henry Jekyll (grandson of the infamous 'Dr. Jekyll').

There, Jekyll concocts a senseless plan to rid Daninsky of his hairy problem.

During the next full moon cycle, Waldemar will turn into a werewolf (natch), whereby he'll then be injected with a bit of grandpappy Jekyll's notorious Hyde formula. Now turned into the superevil Mr. Hyde, the two psycho sides of Waldemar will battle it out for supremacy.

Being the more sophisticated of the two, 'Hyde' will win the fight, the wolf inside will be dead - and then Jekyll will inject Waldemar with an anti-Hyde serum which will vanquish Hyde too.

Waldemar will be free! Make sense? Doesn't matter.

Although deliriously implausible (and merely an excuse for Naschy to do double duty acting - once again), this middling eurohorror benefits from Klimovsky's always reliable direction and a few nice touches, such as Waldemar's cool transformation scene in a trapped elevator.

Naschy's ever the pip, so enter at your own risk.

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