18 June 2024
Die! Die! My Darling! (1965)
97 min.
Directed by Silvio Narizzano.
With Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Peter Vaughn, Yootha Joyce, Donald Sutherland, Maurice Kaufman.
TA-LU-LAH! Dah-ling!

Bankhead gives Bette a run for her money in this solid Hammer entry in the Ladies of the Grant Guignol cycle from the '60s.

Patricia Carroll (Powers) is about to get married. But before she does, she wants to stop in and have a talk with her once-potential mother-in-law Mrs Trefoile (Bankhead).

You see, several years back, Patricia was engaged to Mrs. Trefoile's son Stephen. But before the two could get married, he was killed in an unfortunate automobile accident.

Turns out the car accident was no accident. Stephen committed suicide after Patricia had second thoughts over marrying him.

Patricia's baring of her soul should be therapeutic for all involved, right? Well Crazy Tallulah doesn't think so.

A religious fanatic (aren't they all?), Mama Trefoile holds the girl responsible for her son's suicide. So she holds poor Patricia captive and proceeds to convince the young woman to stay "forever" with her...as Stephen's "wife."

Generally outrageous mayhem ensues. Delightful all around. Bankhead revels in the role, chewing the scenery - and liking it! It's all bolstered by a tight script from horror scribe Richard Matheson, and competent direction from Narizzano.

Also known as Fanatic.

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