21 June 2024
The Devil With 7 Faces (1971)
90 min.
Directed by Osvaldo Civirani.
With Carroll Baker, George Hilton, Stephen Boyd, Luciano Pigozzi, Franco Ressel, Lucretia Love, Gianni Pulone, Roberto Messina, Ivano Staccioli.
Julie Harrison (Baker) believes an unseen stranger is watching her, following her. She confides in her lawyer friend Dave (Boyd). You see, Julie has a twin sister named Mary who lives in London.

And lately, Mary has also been threatened by a mysterious man. Of course, all this trouble the two sisters are experiencing *might* have something to do with the fact that Mary was involved in a million-dollar diamond heist, double-crossed her husband, and may *or* may not have fenced the stolen gem.

At any rate, Julie's new beau Tony (Hilton) is on hand to protect the beleaguered gal from her mysterious stalker.

Confused? Don't worry, you're not alone.

Although it would be foolhardy to expect logic from a typical '70s giallo, this 1971 effort especially hedges its bets until the final moments. But anything with genre regulars Hilton and Baker in it can't be all bad, and the two do the best they can here.

Yet, for most of its running time, 7 Faces seems like simply an excuse for Baker to try on a jillion different wigs!

Still, there's a nice moment where Baker discovers a corpse in an upstairs attic. And there's also a promising chase scene inside a deserted windmill. Diehard fans of Italian terrormaking will find this worthwhile, just don't expect the same kinds of thrills you get with any of the Baker-Umberto Lenzi teamings.

Aka Nights of Terror. Italian title: Il diavolo a sette facce.

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