30 May 2024
The Demon (1979)
93 min.
Directed by Percival Rubens.
With Cameron Mitchell, Jennifer Holmes, Craig Gardner, Zoli Markey, Peter Elliot, Moira Winslow, Mark Tanous.
Humdrum slasher about a mysterious killer on the prowl in a quiet community.

After their daughter is kidnapped by a deranged maniac, a family hires ex-Marine psychic Colonel Bill Carson (Mitchell) to help locate the poor girl. Impatient, the child's father goes looking for her on his own, and is brutally killed by the madman, "the demon."

This demon continues to stalk others in the local community. As others perish one by one, the question becomes: can Carson stop this insane killing force?

Filmed in South Africa, this one's a yawner in most respects, and utterly boring and ill-timed in others. Clearly influenced by the vibes of Halloween and Black Christmas, this benefits from a reluctance to reveal too much of the murderer and a rather well-done ending.

Mediocre acting from all involved. Likely the only thing you'll remember about it afterwards is the fact that the killer wears a gruesome spiked glove with steel claws on it.

Also known as Midnight Caller.

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