19 April 2024
Death Walks on High Heels (1971)
105 min.
Directed by Luciano Ercoli.
With Frank Wolff, Susan Scott, Simón Andreu, Claudie Lange, Carlo Gentili, Georges Rigaud, José Manuel Martín.
This entertaining Luciano Ercoli-helmed 1971 giallo is just as good as his Death Walks at Midnight (1972).

After a successful diamond heist, a jewel thief is brutally murdered aboard a train.

Soon, his lovely daughter Nicole (Scott) finds herself stalked by a black-gloved killer who wants the diamonds for himself. Poor Nicole, she quits her strip tease dance act and takes flight to the country...

But the psycho is well aware of her every move and follows her.

Another fun teaming of super beautiful Scott and very handsome Andreu, emboldened by a lively pace and clever plot arc, High Heels is definitely worth seeking out.

Best scene: the oh-so-gialloesque moment where an assassin shoots one of the key players while a witness is in the same room...a witness who unfortunately is totally blind.

Nastiest scene: the knived killer savagely offs wealthy Lange...and then sadistically maims her face.

Also known as La Muerte camina con tacón alto.

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