30 May 2024
Death Car On the Freeway (1979)
99 min.
Directed by Hal Needham.
With Shelley Hack, George Hamilton, Peter Graves, Barbara Rush, Dinah Shore, Frank Gorshin, Morgan Brittany, Tara Buckman.
Ambitious news anchor Hack investigates the "Freeway Fiddler," a hot-rodding killer who terrorizes lone pretty women on the LA highway by blaring bluegrass music while trying to run them off the road.

An attempt to combine 70's sexual politics, "women-in-danger" suspense set-ups, and director/stuntman Needham's skill at staging car chases is moderately, if not always successful here.

Somewhat controversial for its time and essentially forgotten since, this made-for-TV movie is worth seeing for cast of familiar prime-time faces, amusing electric-rock "thriller" score, and some occasionally gripping moments.

Morgan Brittany is great as a drama queen and early victim!

Also known as Death On the Freeway.

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