30 May 2024
Deadly Games (1980)
92 min.
Directed by Scott Mansfield.
With Sam Groom, Steve Railsback, Jo Ann Harris, Dick Butkus, Colleen Camp, June Lockhart, Denise Galik, Christine Tudor, Robin Hoff.
Okay slasher with some minor moments of atmosphere.

A psycho in a black ski mask terrorizes the women of a small town. After the madman murders her sister, affable Keegan (Harris) arrives to try to make sense of the death.

Police sheriff Groom provides comfort to the distraught Keegan...but the stalker isn't done yet. Could the killer be offbeat movie theater owner Billy (Railsback)?

A likable cast graces this virtually bloodless horror (although Harris is occasionally overly chatty), buoyed by too few suspense sequences. The murderer's motivation for killing falls flat. The interesting Railsback is underused.

Still, a genial mood permeates the players, and makes Games worth a look.

Also known as The Eliminator.

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