15 July 2024
Deadly Eyes (1982)
88 min.
Directed by Robert Clouse.
With Sam Groom, Sara Botsford, Scatman Crothers, Lisa Langlois, Lesleh Donaldson, Cec Linder.
Based on the novel The Rats by author James Herbert, this middling horror tells of huge killer rats terrorizing the Toronto subways.

Seems the little buggers were fed a steady diet of steroid-powered grain, and when their home is burned to the ground, the now mammoth-sized rodents take to the streets to stalk the suburban residents of Toronto.

Lisa Langlois and Lesleh Donaldson (of Curtains and Happy Birthday to Me) are both enjoyable to watch in this inoffensive, amusing watch.

Note to dachshund lovers: the furry rodents are played by no other than doxies in rat suits!

Also known either as Night Eyes and also simply as The Rats.

Rat lovers (you know who you are) would also do well by either 1971's rodent-love opus Willard or, for a little Italian flair, Bruno Mattei's apocalyptic Rats (1983).

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