18 June 2024
Dead Ringers (1988)
115 min.
Directed by David Cronenberg.
With Jeremy Irons, Genevieve Bujold, Heidi von Palliske, Barbara Gordon, Shirley Douglas, Stephen Lack.
Twin brothers in the medical field - Beverly and Eliot Mantle - (both played with flair by Irons) use their joint gynecological practice to fulfill their sexual needs, goaded on by the more aggressive and forthright of the two.

When neurotic actress Claire (Bujold) comes a-knocking for fertility help, a bizarre love triangle begins.

Deceived by the identical twins, Bujold ultimately forgives and continues a monogamous relationship with the more sensitive of the two brothers.

But a disastrous rift between the two is created, a break that carries the latter half of the film to its shocking and tragic conclusion.

A brooding character study from director Cronenberg, Dead Ringers is a memorable journey through the darkest regions of interpersonal relationships. One of the finer psychological horrors of the 1980s.

And once seen, we dare you to get those gruesome gynecological torture instruments out of your head!

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