15 July 2024
Dead of Night (1977)
76 min.
Directed by Dan Curtis.
With Joan Hackett, Patrick Macnee, Anjanette Comer, Horst Buchholz, Lee H. Montgomery, Ed Begley, Jr., Christina Hart, Elisha Cook.
Good performances highlight this solid trilogy of telehorror from director Curtis.

In Second Chance, car lover Begley restores a classic auto and ends up mysteriously travelling back in time...changing history in the process.

No Such Thing as a Vampire sees Macnee manipulating traditional vampire lore and superstition for his own diabolical (and bloody) means.

And in the chilling final segment Bobby, distraught mother Hackett resurrects her dead son Bobby...but she soon discovers that something's not quite right with her loving child...

You see, little Bobby wants mummy dead.

This anthology followup to Curtis' Trilogy of Terror (1975) is again supported by some clever Richard Matheson penned stories. Hackett is especially superb in the memorably creepy Bobby episode...the last image a haunting capper.

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