18 June 2024
Day of the Dead (1985)
102 min.
Directed by George Romero.
With Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joe Pilano, Richard Liberty, Howard Sherman, Jarlah Conroy, John Amplas, Gary Klar.
Quite worthy third entry in Romero's living dead series.

The zombies have now truly overtaken the planet, outnumbering the minority normal humans.

In an underground sanctuary, a small group of scientists & military soldiers attempt to discover the secret of the living dead. When a growing rift between the "intellectual" scientists and military "brawn" military, the living dead take the opportunity to, uh, insert themselves into the situation.

Although awkwardly paced at times, excellent FX by Tom Savini and some solid performances from the likable cast vault this into the pantheon of the two Dead predecessors.

There would be three subsequent entries in Romero's franchise: Land of the Dead (2005), Diary of the Dead (2008), and Survival of the Dead (2010).

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