21 June 2024
Dark of the Night (1985)
88 min.
Directed by Gaylene Preston.
With Heather Bolton, David Letch, Margaret Umbers, Gary Stalker, Danny Mulheron, Michael Haigh, Kate Harcourt.
A satisfying New Zealand sleeper a la Christine.

Working girl Meg (Bolton) buys a used Jaguar for her weekend getaways out of the city to her parents' place in the country.

But soon after, she begins to hear choking and moaning noises from the empty back seat...and two hitchhikers who aggressively hop on board then mysteriously disappear. Problems with the carburetor this ain't!

Could Meg's strange experiences have something to do with the car's previous owner? What does the car 'want' from poor Meg? This subtle thriller is successful due to its likable cast (most notably the common-looking Bolton), its methodical pace, and home grown atmosphere.

Also known as Mr. Wrong.

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