18 June 2024
The Dark is Death's Friend (1975)
89 min.
Directed by Luigi Cozzi.
With George Hilton, Alessio Orano, Cristina Galbó, Eduardo Fajardo, Femi Benussi, Teresa Velázquez, Michel Antoine.
Good Italian crime thriller.

Unhappy in his marriage, Mainardi (Hilton) witnesses a man disposing of a woman's body and decides to blackmail the killer into murdering his own wealthy wife. What luck, eh?

All goes as planned until a young couple unwittingly steal the murderer's car...with Mainardi's dead wife in the trunk! Oops. Now the killer must strike again...

Director Cozzi creates solid suspense in the right places, most notably the abandoned seaside house and the effective climax with Hilton smoked out. Antoine is physically frightening as the craggy-faced, offbeat psycho.

Also known as The Killer Must Strike Again. Italian title: L'Assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora.

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