18 June 2024
Daddy's Deadly Darling (1972)
83 min.
Directed by Marc Lawrence.
With Toni Lawrence, Marc Lawrence, Jesse Vint, Paul Hickey, Katherine Ross, Iris Korn, Jim Antonio, William Michael, Erik Holland, Don Skylar.
Strange but effective, this minor psycho effort is worth a watch.

Raped by her father, Lynn (Tony Lawrence) offs her daddy and is rightfully committed to an asylum for the mentally ill.

But when she escapes and finds herself at a pig farm run by the equally psychotic Zambrini, an unholy alliance is formed.

Lynn knifes those who get too close to her secret, Zambrini feeds the bloody & hacked corpses to his hungry sows.

Will the town's unsuspecting sheriff (Vint) uncover pretty Lynn's history before it's too late? Surprisingly well done low budgeter benefits strongly from good performances by both Lawrences and nicely-conceived atmospherics.

Also known as Horror Farm and as Pigs.

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