18 June 2024
Curse of the Black Widow (1977)
100 min.
Directed by Dan Curtis.
With Patty Duke Astin, Anthony Franciosa, Donna Mills, Vic Morrow, June Allyson, Roz Kelly, Max Gail, June Lockhart, Sid Ceasar, Jeff Corey.
What feels at times like an episode of Night Stalker (no doubt because of Dan Curtis) is actually a creepy crawly groovy TV monster movie.

Patty Duke Astin and Donna Mills play fraternal twins, one of whom was bitten by a spider as a child.

As an adult, she develops a split personality and turns into a giant black widow, trapping and killing her male victims.

With touches of humor reminiscent of the director's earlier works, the real kick is watching television stalwarts Duke and Mills have a blast in this enjoyable throwback to the Atomic creature films of the 1950s.

The zippy score by Bob Colbert and a cast of mostly veterans add to the overall fun.

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