21 February 2024
Crowhaven Farm (1970)
75 min.
Directed by Walter Grauman.
With Hope Lange, Paul Burke, Lloyd Bochner, John Carradine, Cyril Delevanti, Milton Selzer, Cindy Eilbacher, Patricia Barry.
Exceptional TV horror of witches and dark debts unpaid.

Maggie Porter (Lange) inherits the family farm of Crowhaven in Brampton, Massachusetts, but soon begins to experience overwhelming deja vu...visions of the late 18th century...taunting, disembodied laughter.

Could Maggie have been a part of Crowhaven's history in the form of a past life? Why does she feel so threatened by this...pervasive...sense...of evil?

Great performances from all involved (especially Lange) and a plot/atmosphere that channels the best of Rosemary's Baby but adds a mood all its own.

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