18 June 2024
The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)
78 min.
Directed by John Sherwood.
With Jeff Morrow, Rex Reason, Leigh Snowden, Gregg Palmer, Maurice Manson, James Rawley, David McMahon, Paul Fierro, Lillian Molieri.
In this third entry in the Creature from the Black Lagoon series, scientist Barton (Morrow) and geneticist Morgan (Reason) are searching for the Gill Man in the hopes they can conduct some experiments on his metabolic rate and breathing capabilities.

They catch everyone's favorite amphibian, and to their surprise, they all but confirm the Gill Man is indeed the missing link between fish and mammal.

But when they begin to "humanize" the Gill Man, tampering with the very science of nature, have they gone too far? Are their experiments doomed to create havoc?

An okay Creature flick, this has some nice underwater photography early on, and a few good moments during the Gill Man's capture midway through. But the second half is bogged down with a needless romantic subplot involving Snowden, Morrow and Palmer.

Certainly not as good as the original Lagoon, nor as spunky as Revenge of the Creature. Still, a thumbs up for the interesting makeup on the Gill Man's more human look, and the rampage at the climax is solid.

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