13 April 2024
Creature from Black Lake (1976)
90 min.
Directed by Joy Houck, Jr.
With Jack Elam, Dub Taylor, Dennis Fimple, John David Carson, Bill Thurman, Jim McCullough, Roy Tatum, Cathryn Hart, Becky Smiser.
Strong performances truly buoy this above average creature feature.

Two Chicago college students (Fimple and Carson) travel to the swamplands of Louisiana in search of a sasquatch-like beast reportedly mucking about the bayou. But the duo's anthropology endeavor gets more lively than anticipated when they discover the critter...in person.

A believable and likable cast graces this adept drive in horror, with a low budget grittiness that enhances the atmosphere of humid horror. The seldom glimpsed hairy one sees some screen time in the well done (& surprisingly suspenseful) climax. Great late nite fare worth seeking out.

Also known either as Demon of the Lake or Terror in the Swamp.

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