18 June 2024
The Comeback (1978)
99 min.
Directed by Pete Walker.
With Jack Jones, Pamela Stephenson, David Doyle, Sheila Keith, Bill Owen, Holly Palance, Peter Turner, Richard Johnson.
This sassy slasher-cum-mystery stars real life crooner Jack Jones as Nick Cooper, a once-successful pop vocalist returning to the music biz after his recent divorce and a 6 year recording absence.

But Nick's comeback won't be as easy as all that. Mysteriously, a psycho dressed as an old hag (replete with fright mask & white-woven shawl) begins offing Cooper's friends & associates. It appears someone out there wants to ensure the singer's next release is...a bloody success?

Director Walker (1975's The Confessional, 1974's excellent Frightmare et al.) does a fine job of creating suspense via the shocking murder highlights.

Jones is smooth and pleasurable to watch in the tortured lead role, whilst the killer's hag outfit (ala 1983's Curtains) is truly terrifying. Walker regular Sheila Keith gets special mention for her outrageously delicious performance.

Also known as The Day the Screaming Stopped and also as Encore.

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