20 April 2024
The Clonus Horror (1979)
90 min.
Directed by Robert S. Fiveson.
With Tim Donnelly, Paulette Breen, Peter Graves, Dick Sargent, Keenan Wynn, Lureen Tuttle.
Sci fi horror lacks oomph.

At a secret research institute named Clonus, a select group of scientists engage in genetic duplication: human cloning for the use of body parts & organs.

Funded by wealthy elites, the clones are grown from infancy to adulthood, all with the promise of one day moving to an idyllic country named 'America.'

But after one of the clones (Donnelly) discovers the truth behind the operations at Clonus, he escapes from the high security facility in hopes of locating his 'real' father...and threatens to stop body harvesting there forever.

Emboldened by an original (and still-fresh) premise, Clonus is unfortunately hampered by uncharismatic performances (lead Donnelly, evil doctor Sargent) and often dull plot execution. The action sequences never gather any momentum and none of the clones are interesting enough to warrant viewer sympathy.

Worth a watch, but imagine how this could have really come to life with a different, spunky cast...

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