21 May 2024
The Children (1980)
88 min.
Directed by Max Kalmanowicz.
With Martin Shakar, Gil Rogers, Gale Garnett, Tracy Griswold, Jesse Abrams.
Tacky exploitation film.

In the small New England town of Ravensback, a mishap at a chemical facility results in a leak which causes a strange yellow cloud to form. Soon thereafter, a busload of adorable tykes are exposed to the gas and transformed into homicidal radioactive zombies.

Sound promising? It ain't.

Inane direction, a cast of misfits (that look like they never could have come from the same "small town"), and cheap production values do this one in.

Harry Manfredini's creepy pre-Friday the 13th (1980) score is somewhat effective, but repeated scenes of children mutilating parents (and vice-versa) that once seemed scary now come across as lame, repellent shocks.

Low-budget horror film that used to freak us out as kids is probably best remembered, if not revisited. Also known as The Children of Ravensback.

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