24 February 2024
The Child (1977)
82 min.
Directed by Robert Voskanian.
With Laurel Barnett, Rosalie Cole, Frank Janson, Richard Hanners, Ruth Ballan, Blosson Bing Jong.
Surprisingly fun low budget zombie/supernatural hybrid.

Pleasant young nanny Alicianne (Barnett) is hired to govern little Rosalie after the death of the poor girl's mother. But soon, the new governess finds strange events taking place...and suspects that the odd girl may be at the heart of it.

After all, Rosalie meets her 'friends' at night in the local cemetery...'friends' Alicianne has never seen...'friends' who seem to rise for Rosalie's bidding alone.

Good for its kind, The Child is atmospheric, boasts some earnest gore makeup, and comes at the tail end of the real grindhouse drive-in boon of the early to mid '70s.

Also known as Kill and Go Hide as well as Zombie Child.

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