21 July 2024
Cheerleader Camp (1987)
89 min.
Directed by John Quinn.
With Betsy Russell, Leif Garrett, Lucinda Dickey, Lorie Griffin, George Flower, Travis McKenna.
Another late '80s slasher for the retarded.

The Lindo cheerleading squad descends upon Camp Hurrah to compete in the coveted district finals. But it's not long before various pom-carrying bimbos are dropping like flies, one by one, presumably victims of a cold blooded killer amongst them.

Could the nightmares that have been plaguing troubled Allison (Russell) somehow hold the answer? Could she be the schizophrenic maniac?

One more poorly acted splatter from the doomed last half of the eighties, Camp is vapidity in denial...but shhh, don't tell it that 'cause it thinks it's 'funny and clever.'

Russell is dull and struggles to create a sense of urgency...but fails. Most irritating is loudmouthed fatty McKenna, a talky waste of energy who seems to have escaped intact from an online horror message board (when *did* people stop being *embarrassed* by such an obvious need to blather?) Enter this camp at your own risk.

Aka Bloody Pom Poms, which is a much more interesting title than this mess could ever deserve.

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