30 May 2024
Cathy's Curse (1977)
87 min.
Directed by Eddy Matalon.
With Randi Allen, Alan Scarfe, Sylvie Lenoir, Beverly Murray, Hubert Noël, Dorothy Davis, Roy Witham, Renée Girard, Sony Forbes.
Middling Canadian horror.

After her family relocates back into her father's childhood home, little Cathy finds a strange unkempt doll in the attic.

But soon, Cathy discovers she's now in possession of deadly powers...One by one, bloody 'accidents' befall all those who seek to separate Cathy from her favorite doll...the housemaid inexplicably falls from an open window to her death...the groundskeeper experiences a harrowing 'nightmare' with rats, spiders and snakes...

Is Cathy in control, or does some mysterious power from the past instead control Cathy?

Rather unjustifiably slighted, this acceptable possession horror boasts an earnest atmosphere of suspense, some heartfelt FX and easygoing narrative. Decent performances (most notably Allen as Cathy and Scarfe as her father).

Also known as Cauchemares.

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