21 May 2024
The Case of the Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas (1977)
94 min.
Directed by Flavio Mogherini.
With Ray Milland, Dalilia Di Lazzaro, Michele Placido, Mel Ferrer, Howard Ross, Ramiro Oliveros, Rod Mulinar, Giacomo Assandri.
No black gloves. No elevated bodycount. No rubbery red herrings. Just a superb giallo boasting some atmospheric pep, solid cast performances and an overall heartfelt poignancy.

A young woman wearing yellow pyjamas is found brutally murdered, her identity a bewildering question since the killer has completely burned the poor girl's face clean off. Retired police inspector Thompson (Milland) initiates an investigation into the bloody crime...and uncovers a complicated web of tragic loss, love and hopelessness.

Mogherini's assured thriller maintains interest throughout, moving along at a nice clip and buoyed by Ortolani's versatile score. A beautifully done, sad ending.

Also known as The Pyjama Girl Case. Italian: La Ragazza dal pigiama giallo. Worth seeking out.

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