18 June 2024
The Carnation Killer (1973)
70 min.
Directed by Robert Tronson.
With Norman Eshley, Katherine Schofield, Derek Smith, Garrick Hagon, Geoffrey Chater, Malcolm Terris.
Psychotic murderer Arthur Page (Eshley) has an obsessive fascination with red carnation flowers...not to mention strangling helpless young women to death!

But when he escapes police custody, Page is mistaken by pretty solicitor's assistant Julie (Schofield) for a wealthy business client. As the two make their way to a secluded country estate, killer Page has carnations and hot blood on his mind.

Will unsuspecting Julie piece the clues together before it's too late for her...or does she have something else entirely on her mind?

Good Brian Clemens scripted entry for the Thriller series does a nice job of creating suspense and boasts a fairly clever surprise twist near the end. Excellent finale leaves you unsure with whom (if any) to sympathize.

Also known as The Colour of Blood.

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