21 May 2024
The Brotherhood of Satan (1971)
92 min.
Directed by Bernard McEveety.
With Strother Martin, Ahna Capri, L.Q. Jones, Charles Bateman, Charles Robinson, Alvy Moore, Geri Reischl.
Ave Satanicus!

A couple with a young child find themselves stranded in the small desert town of Woodley. There, they find the place suddenly plagued by rapid-fire deaths and the mysterious disappearance of the local children.

No doubt, things are definitely off in Woodley. Seems the place is run by a coven of senior citizen satanists (led by Martin, in a delightful performance). And the cult is plotting to use the children as the young bodies for their life of renewed service to the lord of darkness.

Quite good, this is sort of Devil's Rain for the geriatric set, with shades of Rosemary's Baby and Race with the Devil thrown in for good measure. It's an intriguing premise carried out well, and capped by a nice, creepy climax.

An admirable product of a long bygone era.

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