15 July 2024
The Brood (1979)
92 min.
Directed by David Cronenberg.
With Samantha Eggar, Oliver Reed, Art Hindle, Cindy Hinds, Henry Beckman, Susan Hogan, Nuala Fitzgerald, Robert Silverman.
One of director Cronenberg's most original horror films - and also one of his most unnerving.

Nola Carveth (Eggar) is being treated by unconventional psychologist Dr. Hal Raglan (Oliver Reed) for her excessive angst and frustrations. Raglan is using a bizarre form of therapy called 'psychoplasmics' on his patients, a process by which their stress is successfully alleviated...but may occasionally result in abnormal biological mutations.

And Nola is no exception. In fact, she's one of Raglan's best patients. For when she becomes angry, her rage breeds killer dwarfs which she gestates, and then gives birth to. The offspring then go out and murder whomever she's mad at...including her parents. Sound weird? It is. It's also exceptionally well done, and surprisingly believable.

The Brood is one of David Cronenberg's best (and possibly least touted). In addition to its fantastic primary plotline, it's also a not-too-subtle message against child abuse.

Reasons to not miss The Brood? Its dank Canadian atmosphere, strong performances from the entire cast, and more than a few scenes guaranteed to give you nightmares.

The whole thing is simply unforgettable.

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