20 April 2024
The Boogeyman (1980)
81 min.
Directed by Ulli Lommel.
With Suzanna Love, John Carradine, Ron James, NIcholas Love, Raymond Boyden, Felicite Morgan.
This post-Halloween slasher opens with a fairly promising start: a young boy and his sister kill their mother's lover.

Flash forward, and the boy is now mute, his sister is tormented by the memory of the brutal murder...and the vengeful spirit of the dead man decides he wants revenge! Soon, the restless ghost of the deceased man is knocking off helpless victims one by one in grisly manner.

The Boogeyman doesn't live up to its promise.

Don't be fooled by the hype: The Boogeyman has somehow built up a reputation over the years as a "superior" horror flick, but in truth it's filled with an odd combination of arty, pretentious setups mixed with downright shoddy editing and pacing. Sometimes both. Unfortunately, neither are enough to muster any atmosphere or sustain any suspense. Mediocre at best.

Followed in 1983 by Boogeyman II, also directed by Lommel.

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