27 May 2024
Blue Sunshine (1976)
90 min.
Directed by Jeff Lieberman.
With Zalman King, Deborah Winters, Mark Goddard, Robert Walden, Charles Siebert, Ann Cooper, Alice Ghostley, Ray Young, Stefan Gierasch, Richard Crystal.
And you thought Manson & his crew were menacing.

Stellar low budget weirdness from director Lieberman (Squirm, Just Before Dawn). A party goes suddenly wrong when one of the guests goes psychotic and begins attacking his friends and loved ones...then a husband goes wild and kills his wife & children...

Soon, it becomes clear that a variant form of LSD used in the '60s called 'Blue Sunshine' is causing all of its users to lose all their hair and turn inexplicably violent...murderous zombies! Timed to 'activate' the psychoses 10 years since the user took the drug, the cursed baldies are superbly effective, struggling against the 'change' but ultimately unable to resist. And when they go ballistic, they don't discriminate...the urge to knife someone is so overpowering.

Successful atmosphere and good performances from all (especially lead King as the amateur, impassioned investigator). Great climax with one of the lumbering loonies terrorizing a crowd in a shopping mall/discotheque. It doesn't get any better than that!

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