19 April 2024
Bloody Birthday (1980)
84 min.
Directed by Ed Hunt.
With Susan Strasberg, Jose Ferrer, Lori Lethin, Julie Brown, Joe Penny, Elizabeth Hoy, K. C. Martel, Billy Jacoby, Andy Freeman, Michael Dudikoff.
Passable horror.

Three little kids born on the same day all develop murderous instincts. Sorta fun...but ultimately hampered by the fact that the children seem about as frightening as the Olsen twins. You do get to see a very young, topless comedienne Julie Brown...who soon enough gets an arrow through an eye.

One non sequitur, however...Susan Strasberg - daughter of legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg - taught acting herself, notably the serious Strasberg Method style. So how come she always ended up in these cheap little horror flicks? Tennessee Williams this ain't, baby.

Worth a late nite look for early 1980s aficionados and horror completists.

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