18 June 2024
The Bloodstained Shadow (1978)
104 min.
Directed by Antonio Bido.
With Lino Capolicchio, Stefania Casini, Attilio Duse, Laura Nucci, Massimo Serato.
Above average giallo tells of a young professor visiting his cleric brother. The priest witnesses a murder outside his window one night, and then begins to receive threatening blackmail letters, as a strange rash of murders begin in the town.

Lead Capolicchio and new girlfriend Casini investigate, only to find the truth lies much closer to home than they could have imagined. A likable cast, an excellent murder by boat sequence (who would thunk it?) and a seepy canal atmosphere make this a great watch.

Scored by Goblin and Stelvio Cipriani.

Also known as Only Blackness. Italian title: Solamente Nero. Bido also directed 1981's Watch Me When I Kill.

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