21 July 2024
Blood & Black Lace (1964)
87 min.
Directed by Mario Bava.
With Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner, Mary Arden, Ariana Gorini, Claude Dantes, Alan Collins, Harriet White Medin.
This giallo-slasher hybrid is among the best of the films of Mario Bava and certainly a huge influence on Dario Argento.

Beautiful young fashion models are being violently dispatched by a sadistic black-gloved killer. Seems the killer wants to recover a diary left behind by one of his victims. But what secrets could the diary hold, and is there a larger evil at work here? How many must die before the carnage ends?

Gruesome murders, lavish setpieces, striking photography, and Bava's trademark use of color all merge to make Blood & Black Lace a true classic of the genre. The lush atmosphere is spellbinding from beginning to end, there's eye candy galore, and it's all boosted by a great score from Carlo Rustichelli. A must see.

Also known as Six Women for the Murderer.

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