30 May 2024
Basket Case (1982)
90 min.
Directed by Frank Henlenlotter.
With Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Robert Vogel, Diana Browne, Lloyd Pace, Bill Freeman, Joe Clarke, Ruth Neuman.
Surprisingly good basement horror.

Affable Duane Bradley arrives in NYC and finds lodging in the once-infamous 42nd street red light district. Odd though...Duane carries a wicker basket with him everywhere he goes. What could be in the basket and what could be the purpose of Duane's visit to the Big Apple? Turns out Duane was once a Siamese twin and, since the surgical separation from his brother, good Duane now carries around his deformed sibling Belial in deference to their mental (& once-physical) connection. Soon, Duane lets troll monster Belial free to exact revenge upon the mean docs who split the two apart!

A really offbeat premise is given watchable life by director Henlenlotter, thanks both to the generous doses of well-done gore and a pleasing (if eccentric) cast of characters.

Followed by Basket Case 2 (1990).

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