30 May 2024
Baron Blood (1972)
100 min.
Directed by Mario Bava.
With Joseph Cotten, Elke Sommer, Antonio Cantafora, Massimo Girotti, Rada Rassimov, Alan Collins.
As with Dario Argento, Master Bava is not generally renowned for his storytelling, but rather his camerawork, his masterful use of color, his sense of style, and his creation of atmospheric setpieces.

This 1972 entry concerns an ancient and disfigured evil Baron who is accidentally brought to life by some meddling ancestors during the restoration of his decrepit castle.

A strange mixture of Gothic horror and modern slasher, this has some terrific death sequences, all photographed in stunning color and lighted mists. The chase sequence with Elke Sommer and the Mad Baron are worth the viewing alone...Make sure to see an uncut print with all the gory tidbits intact and the original jazzy score by Cipriani.

Also known as The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood.

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