27 May 2024
Baffled (1973)
91 min.
Directed by Philip Leacock.
With Leonard Nimoy, Susan Hampshire, Vera Miles, Rachel Roberts, Valerie Taylor, Jewel Blanch, Angharad Rees, Ray Brooks.
Race car driver Tom Kovack (Nimoy) begins to experience ESP visions of a mansion...and potential murder. With the aid of lovely occult expert Hampshire, the two travel to England and take up residence at the Wyndham estate of noblewoman Farraday (Roberts).

But there's malevolent mischief afoot: an American actress (Miles) is distraught at the absence of her husband and her suddenly-transformed daughter has taken to wearing a creepy wolf medallion. Then there's the strange matter of a rapidly de-aging Farraday...What could it all mean?

Originally produced as a pilot for a possible series, this minor effort lacks enough tension needed to maintain interest in a plot filled with one too many loose ends. But Nimoy and Hampshire try their best and there's a few nice bits, like the duo trapped in an elevator shaft about to become pancakes.

Best scene: the Scooby Doo-style climax.

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