21 July 2024
The Awful Dr. Orlof (1962)
86 min.
Directed by Jess Franco.
With Howard Vernon, Perla Cristal, Conrado San Martin, Diana Lorys, Riccardo Valle, Maria Silva, Mara Laso.
Good early horror from genre director Jess Franco.

After his daughter Melissa is horribly disfigured in a laboratory fire, Dr. Orloff sets himself on a mission to restore her beauty...using a strict regimen of "skin-grafts-at-home" courtesy of unwilling, kidnapped lovelies.

Some interesting shots, with the Spanish-French production well-served by the winding, claustrophobic village corridors and Orloff's secluded castle hideout. Orloff's assistant Morpho is truly striking with a genuinely frightening countenance.

Also known as Cries in the Night and Gritos en la Noche. Followed by Dr. Orloff's Monster (1964).

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