15 July 2024
Angel Heart (1987)
113 min.
Directed by Alan Parker.
With Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Charlotte Rampling, Lisa Bonet, Stroker Fontrlieu.
Private investigator Rourke is hired by suspicious aristocrat DeNiro to search for a missing jazz musician, but gets involved in a series of Satanic murders that takes him into the dark heart of the New Orleans voodoo culture.

Hybrid 50's film-noir/horror film is chock full of creepy images, graphic crime scene carnage, and flavorful atmosphere.

This supernatural thriller is competently made, but it's hindered by slow pacing and an awkward ending. To its credit, it is indeed frightening in spots - and does boast a controversial bloody sex scene with Bonet - but it's way way overlong.

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