28 January 2023
All the Colors of the Dark (1972)
91 min.
Directed by Sergio Martino.
With Edwige Fenech, George Hilton, Ivan Rassimov, Susan Scott, Georges Rigaud, Julián Ugarte, Marina Malfatti, Luciano Pigozzi, Dominique Boschero, Lisa Leonardi.
Surreal tale of paranoia and occultism from director Sergio Martino.

Jane (the ultralovely Fenech, and giallo perennial) has been experiencing horrifying nightmares...of shadowy killers and bloody murder.

After she finds herself stalked by a marble-eyed psycho, Jane takes the advice of a neighbor and attends dark sabbat rituals where she begins a spiralling descent into the void between dreams and reality.

But will she find her way back to normalcy before the cult truly claims her as a permanent member?

Beautifully crafted thriller with dreamlike imagery and style to spare; Fenech delivers as the insecure, disoriented heroine.

Also known as either Day of the Maniac or They're Coming to Get You.

Italian: Tutti i colori del buio.

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