21 June 2024
Alison's Birthday (1979)
95 min.
Directed by Ian Coughlan.
With Joanne Samuel, Lou Brown, John Bluthal, Bunny Brooke, Vincent Ball, Margie McCrae, Julie Wilson, Martin Vaughan, Rosalind Speirs, Robyn Gibbes, Marion Johns.
Slightly underrated little occult piece.

At sixteen, Alison joins in an ill-fated seance where she receives an ominous message to avoid her 19th birthday party.

But when the day arrives, poor Alison feels compelled to attend the 'special' birthday celebration her uncle and aunt have whipped up...scarce knowing that her kin are all Celtic worshippers hellbent on using Alison for an ancient spirit-switching ritual.

A likable cast performs, with an atmosphere both sleepy and effective in the right spots, this is well worth the discovery. Kudos (and an extra half star) simply for the dark, downbeat ending.

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